Friday, August 08, 2008

Start Up or Stay Put

With everyone in “survival mode” in this tight economy; how does this impact the start up companies who are trying to recruit the best players to come and work for them? Are candidates willing to take the plunge again after the last .com bust? If you are the “best of the best” with all the right technical skills, an entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic and want to see your efforts making a difference in the direction of a company… would you leave your current “safe” job with an established employer and relative job security for a “less secure” position with an unproven new start up company? What are the risks versus the rewards?

Stay Put… you are already established at the company, have good benefits, know exactly what your take home pay will be every month, know your co-workers and already have a working relationship established, and pretty much know what to expect each day when you go to work. But… are you still challenged with the work, do you feel you have more to contribute and want to be more involved in setting standards and decision making policies, and have more control and input?

Start Up… you come into an exciting workplace almost new and different each day, with rapidly changing priorities, are part of a team that is creating a new product or service, working with all the coolest toys and technologies, shaping the way the company is viewed and evolves and you have ownership in the company, a real vested interest. But… are you in a place financially to weather out any upcoming storms, can you risk unemployment if the venture doesn’t work out and do you need the security and benefits from a larger, established company?

I’d like to hear your thoughts… are we ready to step out and step up again?