Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Other “F” Words…

How many times have you heard negative conversations lately?  Things like; the world is just getting worse, the economy isn't turning around, people don’t respect anything or anyone or appreciate what they have. We are bombarded with these messages via multiple channels; TV, the Internet, music, social media, newspapers and just overhearing conversations. 

I believe that it’s time to focus on the positive...  in fact I heard someone say recently that they were “too blessed to be stressed and too grateful to be hateful”.  That prompted me to think about my reasons to be grateful and the joys and blessings in my life and how to carry this “attitude of gratitude” into all areas of my everyday life. 

We have been going through a teaching series on TIME at my local church.  The first message called us to evaluate what is truly important in our lives and prioritize our time accordingly.  The pastor used a visual example that you may have seen before… filling a vase with golf balls and asked us if it was full, then adding sand (was it full?) and finally adding water.  If you haven’t seen it, here is an example from YouTube, Rocks in a Jar. 

Thinking about what is important to me, I started this list and decided to focus on other “F” words that have meaning to me.  I came up with quite a few things that sometimes get pushed aside during my busy days.  Refocusing my time to fill my day with what’s important may take some effort, but I’ll get there.  See if any of them resonate with you.  Thinking about doing several of these with different letters… I’d love your feedback if you have other words that are important to you. 

Faith, Family, Friendship, Fun, Food, Fitness, Favor, Fellowship, Fashion, Forgiveness, Fidelity, Fondness, Forever, Future, Flexible, Fabulous, Fair, Focused, Feisty, Fortunate, Fierce, Funny, Feline, Finished

*Picture is from the Apply Radical Truths Blog