Friday, July 22, 2011

Just call me +Leslie

That’s right… I’m in Google+… totally socially networked now.  Are you impressed?  I’m overwhelmed!

Just when I was getting accustomed to using my twitter handle @leslie12002 (which I still use in my signatures and is a great way to reach me) along comes the new social network, Google+.  Thank goodness I have connections and was able to get past the bouncer at the door.  Now I’m at the club, just had my first trip to the bar but still watching the crowd to see what’s up.  Not sure I’m ready to get out on the dance floor yet.  Don’t want to give away all my moves until I’m sure this is a place I want to hang out.  Also I haven’t quite figured out yet all the security issues, the bouncer seems like a capable and reasonably good guy but will he be there if I get in trouble? 

My first thoughts are to keep this social network for my cool, socially connected friends who share relevant information with a twist of humor.  What I don’t want is another invitation to Farmville.  I’m a big city girl after all… or is that wicked city woman?   I started with just my immediate contacts in my circles, and then I found a list of all the Google employees and decided I had to have  a circle for them.  Is there a limit to circles?  Can I assign which circles come into my home stream?  What I really need is a HootSuite for Google+… has anyone found one? 

Looking over my 2 week old Google+ ecosystem… I now have 13 circles created thus far, 128 people in my circles with 32 people adding me to their circles.  I have no idea how these people found me or why they want me in their circle, I’m not sharing relevant or witty information yet (remember, still at the bar).  My first instinct is that they want to sell/send/spam something to me or even worse – stalk me!  (Of course I intend to use it for recruiting purposes, after all my momma didn't raise no dumb babies.) 
The jury is still out on Google+… for now I’ll continue to monitor my stream and selectively add to my circles.  I'm open to suggestions and creative solutions.  Let me know if you have anything that will sway me, all I need is a good reason to bust a move! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LinkedIn Improved Email Settings Features

Someone at LinkedIn must have read my previous post... have you seen the new features under your settings page?  (I don’t remember it being this way before, but then again, my memory isn’t exactly the steel trap it was in my youth.)  They have made it much easier and more organic to manage all your email settings now by adding the new email preferences link that allows you to control how all email is sent to you.  Click on the settings tab (hover over your name) in the top right corner and land on this page:

Now if you click on the Email Preferences Tab you can manage messaging to you via email:

• Select the types of messages you're willing to receive
• Set the frequency of emails
• Select who can send you invitations
• Set the frequency of group digest emails

And you can manage how LinkedIn pushes information to you via email by clicking on the Frequency of Emails link. All this in one place!

• InMails
• Invitations
• Messages
• Group emails
• Announcements
• Status updates
• Notifications
• Network Activity
• And several others including LinkedIn Partner Emails

Thank you LinkedIn!