Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Job Descriptions – Easy Guidelines to Write and Reply

If you are going to write a job description for your company, the best bet is to keep it simple and to the point. Define what the company requires and expects for a person to successfully perform that particular job within your company. There are 3 main sections for a job description; Overview, Requirements and Qualifications.

The overview is the section where the company tells about the “big picture” role of the job within that particular company. In a job posting, this is the place where the company incorporates all the wonderful things about why someone would want to come to work there.

Next follows the Requirements or Duties section… this section outlines the day-to-day duties of the position. It also includes what the person in that position will be responsible for fulfilling for the company both short term and long term.

Qualifications or Experience is the section that defines the specific educational, years of experience, qualifications, certifications and career level for the position. It would also include any physical requirements or travel percentage necessary to perform the job.

If you are a job seeker applying to a job posting for a company, a good rule of thumb would be to incorporate how you have met those specific requirements within your resume. If you are using a generic resume to apply for multiple jobs, then you should always attach a cover letter or email stating where and when you have met those requirements successfully. This will get the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager who is really only interested in how you fit for that particular position. It may take a little more time but will be more effective and productive in the long run.