Friday, July 17, 2009

Home Tweet Home

Very interesting lunch today at the Metroplex Technology Business Council... the subject was "Social Media: New Strategies for the Enterprise" and the speakers were Bob Pearson and Scott Anderson. This was the first time I have ever attended a luncheon where the speakers encouraged the attendees to break out their cell phones… and tweet!

Probably about 10% - 20% of the audience had twitter accounts and were able to send tweets to the MTBC, who then projected them on a screen. It was great fun and an easy way for me (being a visual learner) to pick up some well needed twitter help. (It also helped to feed the narcissist in us to see our comments up on screen for everyone to see;)

You could say that now I’m just twitter-fluent enough to be dangerous. So I’m back at the office working on my FollowFriday and filled with enthusiasm to take my twittering to the next level… we will see how far that goes.

Many thanks to Bob, Scott and all the tweeters at the event! What I came away with was: there are 3 things customers want to do… share ideas, product knowledge and solve problems. The fundamentals haven’t changed… we are still having conversations that lead to business, your customers are in control, they are talking to each other and you should join the conversation, and you should be so compelling to your customers that they seek you out. It’s not about the specific tools… it’s about where the technology is taking us.

To quote Bob Pearson: “the world's greatest OS is the web; not Microsoft.” Tweet you later… @leslie12002

Friday, July 10, 2009

Social Networks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Do you tweet… holla… shout out… tag photos… give your homies their props? How many websites does it take you to voice a single passing thought? If you have the money honey, I have the time! No, wait... that’s a song! But it is a valid point… how much time do you spend on social networks merely updating your status or pinging your friends? When do you find the time… do you try to sneak a peek during work and hope you won’t get busted?

Personally I love my social networks and enjoy keeping up with people. When a friend from the past finds me on Facebook, I’m happy to catch up with them but guilty of not becoming involved on a deeper level. Unfortunately that is pretty much the end of the correspondence unless it’s reading the one line updates and checking out the new photos they post.

So come on… chime in… am I the only superficial social networker out there?