Friday, July 10, 2009

Social Networks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Do you tweet… holla… shout out… tag photos… give your homies their props? How many websites does it take you to voice a single passing thought? If you have the money honey, I have the time! No, wait... that’s a song! But it is a valid point… how much time do you spend on social networks merely updating your status or pinging your friends? When do you find the time… do you try to sneak a peek during work and hope you won’t get busted?

Personally I love my social networks and enjoy keeping up with people. When a friend from the past finds me on Facebook, I’m happy to catch up with them but guilty of not becoming involved on a deeper level. Unfortunately that is pretty much the end of the correspondence unless it’s reading the one line updates and checking out the new photos they post.

So come on… chime in… am I the only superficial social networker out there?
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