Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purple Squirrel Candidates

Most recruiters know that a Purple Squirrel is a very rare, highly sought after, almost extinct species of candidate. In other words, the hire that requires very specific knowledge and qualifications and will most likely take longer, more efforts, and harder negotiations to recruit.

It seems that at least half of my clients are actually looking for Purple Squirrels now. With the economy problems and companies being cautious with hiring, these searches are becoming more and more the rule rather than the exception.

I was talking to a client yesterday regarding a Purple Squirrel search and why the 2 Purple Squirrels submitted were not moving forward. We had 100% of the requirements, the certifications, the industry experience and technical knowledge... now the requirements have been amended to limit us to candidates within a 50 mile radius of their zip code. Looks like this Purple Squirrel has just sprouted pink polka dots as a wardrobe requirement... wonder if they will consider a cutting edge, fashion conscious squirrel with lime green spots?
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