Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Five Reasons Why I Love My Job

All the headlines I read today seem to contain numbers; 13 Strangest Ways People Found Out Bin Laden Died, 3 Traits of the Most Compelling Internet Companies, 6 Tips to Improve Your Cover Letter, The 3 P’s of Success, 10 Tips To Get People To Act On Your Emails, Top 10 Corporate Blogs and 33 Clever and Creative Billboard Ads. Are we becoming a society reduced to getting our information fed to us in list form? This actually works for me as I constantly multi task and am easily distracted. (oohhh, something shiny...)

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, back to numbers. If I can recall my numerology training, we could have a little fun figuring out the meaning of all these numbers. Today is turning out to be my day of Fives… which was actually the numerology value of my maiden name. Now 5 is the number of senses we have and is a very tactile number, describing feelings, sensations and emotions.

All my tweets so far today have been about Fives… 5 Ways to Be More Efficient on Twitter, 5 Top Mobile Marketing Myths and 5 Best Practices for Travel and Tourism Brands on Facebook. I must be feeling the love because to continue with this theme, I’m dedicating my blog today to the Top 5 Reasons I Love My Job. There are way more than just 5 reasons I love my job… there are many reasons why Intuit has been on Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Employers List for the past decade. In fact last year, we moved up to number 44… not too shabby! So let’s have a big GROUP HUG and find out my personal top 5:

1. My passion: I love recruiting and especially enjoy my role as a strategic sourcing recruiter. We receive extensive training in cutting edge social media recruiting tactics, encouraged to blog, tweet, make videos, post on Facebook and YouTube.

2. My colleagues: I am working with the best group of people! They are truly supportive, helpful and appreciative of the work we all do, always ready to help out wherever possible and provide positive feedback

3. Company culture: We have a flexible workplace, collaborative environment that encourages innovation and personal development, and is friendly, open and positive

4. Our Products: Intuit has a suite of products that address almost every financial management need for consumers and small businesses. We have the opportunity to work on reqs for high demand, cutting edge technology and business processes in areas like; Mobile, Social Media, SaaS, Global and Data

5. Recognition: My managers are quick to respond, eager to assist, understanding of challenges, appreciative and recognize achievements

In over 20 years of work, I have had the opportunity to work for some amazing and some not so amazing companies. Intuit is right at the very top of my personal “Best Place to Work”!
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