Thursday, September 01, 2011

Evolution of the Mobile Phone… from Talking to Texting to Working

I remember my first mobile phone… do you?  Go back to the early 90’s with me (yes I said early 90’s).  My husband sold automotive accessories and was always lugging around this huge brick that he would use to make calls. Imagine the giant handheld device with a foot long antenna.  It was bigger than the satellite phones we use today.  

He lugged that phone everywhere and I’m sure everyone thought he was incredibly cool and hip.  It was a great conversation ice breaker.  I didn’t really see the value of having a mobile phone until he installed one in my car (yes, installed). 

At the time I was working for a temporary staffing agency as an outside sales representative.  My territory was pretty much all of Dallas and I spent the better part of my day in my car.  Having that phone in my car turned out to be one of the best gifts he ever gave me and initiated my relationship with mobile phones.  A love affair that continues and deepens every day! 

My next phone was a smaller handheld device… anyone remember these puppies?

Enter the SmartPhone… I’ll never give mine up.  You will have to pry my iPhone out of my cold, dead hand.  All my contacts, photos, emails, personal information – everything I need is on that phone.  I enabled the MobileMe locator in the event that I have a stroke or something and somehow it becomes misplaced.  My daughter started college and we have been talking over Face Time – she has a Mac computer and called my iPhone.  Now that I have my iPad we don’t even need a phone or phone number to talk. 

I’m now on my second iPhone (will have to pay full price for the iPhone5 now) and received a package from the Apple store yesterday with my new iPad2 in it.  SWEET!!! Couldn’t wait to get it synced and start using it.  

I’ll probably use it now more than my iPhone since the screen is larger and I can actually see the WebPages.  This will replace my laptop now when I’m out and about.  I can work, take notes, make videos, face time, the possibilities are endless!   

This made me realize just how far we have come with wireless devices.  We started talking on our mobile phones.  Then they introduced this little tool called texting… what a game changer!  Any of you who have children are texting pros I’m sure.  I actually prefer to text now and find that I don’t use all of my monthly minutes anymore, even downsized to the minimum package.  From texting I have noticed that I’m using my mobile phone more for work now since my Outlook is on my phone and I use at least 5 Social Media apps daily. 

My iPhone has become my mobile wallet and is used mostly for the apps and for those occasional phone calls or in case of emergency.  Can’t wait to see what’s around the corner… isn’t technology amazing?  

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