Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are we a Society of Over-Achievers?

Tying in to my last posting on motivators… assuming we are all motivated and acting to our full potential, are we truly a society of over-achievers? If so, how does that apply to the generational categories in recruiting? According to all the studies I have read lately… the Baby Boomers were all instilled with a strong work ethic and think nothing of putting in 60 -70 hours per week. The GenXers are “all about me” and what will this job do for my career and my retirement. The GenYers are more about work/life balance and really have to enjoy what they do for a living… otherwise they will quit and never look back. The Millennials are just beginning to surface in the workplace and it appears that they are gravitating towards even more flexibility in their workplace. What do you think… can these diverse sectors all be over-achievers?
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