Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What are your Motivators?

I had lunch with Dennis Smith today from WirelessJobs.com to discuss his presentation for the IEEE CVT Chapter in April on LinkedIn, Blogging, and Social Networks. Besides the great company and an awesome Thai meal, an unanticipated result for me was the desire to come back to the office and blog. Dennis is a great speaker and motivator… you can’t help but catch his enthusiasm and excitement for the industry and his presentation should be very entertaining.

This also prompts me to ask… what inspires and motivates you? Either in your private or professional life… is it recognition, image, being able to add value to something, money, toys (tools/technology), being around good people, being your own boss, working independently, or helping others?

What can we do as recruiters to help get you out of bed in the morning?
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