Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Top Ten Reasons Recruiters Don’t Respond

Whew… just finished my very first video chat on Facebook. Glad that’s over. I couldn’t get out of that chat room fast enough. Sorry Gail for leaving you hanging. I’m not usually the nervous type but working with technology and all the hiccups we’ve been having lately, I was expecting the worst. Thankfully all the technology worked just fine… it was me that had the “technical difficulties”.

I can sit and write forever… give great advice, respond to questions and actually sound moderately intelligent, because of the ability to edit before sending. Unfortunately my mouth doesn’t have an edit filter and I tend to blurt out the first thing that enters my pretty little head. So if you were on the chat today, hopefully you enjoyed the presentation and could appreciate my slightly warped sense of humor. My apologies if anyone was offended. I promise to do better next time… if I’m ever asked to do it again.

If you missed the chat, the slides will be uploaded on and here is my Top Ten List:

#10. We receive an email with the subject line: “do you have any job openings?”
#9. We receive a resume for a candidate asking us “what do you think of my resume?”
#8. The resume is full of spelling and grammatical errors and has an inappropriate email address.
#7. We receive an email with no resume attached or no contact information.
#6. The candidate applied to over 20 jobs in the database in all different disciplines.
#5. The candidate will not disclose current or last salary.
#4. The candidate becomes angry with denied an interview.
#3. The request is to “meet for a cup of coffee” to discuss openings at your company.
#2. The candidate clearly doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the job.
#1. This is your LinkedIn profile picture:
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